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Attention- Spam.
Attention! The incidence of spam emails has become more often, supposable these email are from USA State Department and saying you have won the Green Card - it is a lie! Read more…
Within the Green Card immigration Program, 50000 immigration visas were allocated for Republic of Moldova citizens. Details>>

About the Program

Green Card- American document - Permanent Residence Card. a document that confirms the status of the legal USA resident, that has the right for permanent living, working, studying, travelling in or out of the USA.

Immigration Program Green Card - Diversity Immigrant Visa Program - your real opportunity to win the Green Card and legally immigrate to the USA.
For Program participation, you have to fill in the application and wait for the results, that will be known starting from May 1. Selection of potential Green Card holders is done via computer lottery, realized by the USA Department of State

If you win in the Program and obtain the Green Card, you become a permanent resident of the USA with equal rights like American Citizens. You will have the chance to take part in all US Programs related with education, health and social protection. Also you can be as guarantee person for your relatives if they submit documents for an tourist visa or immigration visa.

Opportunities for Green Card holders

  • You can legally live, work and study in the USA, having equal rights with the US citizens.
  • You bring to USA all your family!
  • You will entry the USA without a visa!
  • You will have a simplified visa regime with EU countries and many other countries.
  • You can obtain the USA citizenship after 5 years of living in the USA, keeping your actual citizenship.

Possibility to win!

For Kosovo were allocated 50000 immigration visas, within the Green Card immigration Program, but only 3000 Kosovo citizens took their chance and became Green Card holders, since the beginning of the Program, starting from 1994.
According to the statistics of Kosovo, annually only 300 citizens win the Green Card. This small amount of winners is explained by the fact that our citizens don't have enough information about the "Green Card" immigration Program. And because of this we call you not to lose the chance of legally living, working and studying in the USA. 
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Feed back

In the past I have never thought of how one can legally move to the USA, work and fell protected and sure in a foreign country. I heard about this for the first time from my friends, who decided to try and to fill in the questionnaire.  
When I found out about the Diversity Visa Program (Green Card Lottery), I could not believe at first that I could legally leave for the USA and therefore I will have a real chance to become a citizen of this country.
Marin with his family
I really hoped that participation in the Program will be a success for me, because I believed in the big opportunities America offers for legal immigrants.The news that I won the Green Card was one of the most important one in my life.
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Instructions for new immigrants
The book contains information about rights and obligations, advices regarding adaptation for new immigrants
Reviews from winners

"Don't be afraid, participate at the Green Card Program and Win!" - Spinu Serghei
American Green Card
American Green Card - USA Permanent Resident Card

You can get the American document Green Card after filling in the application for Program participation!